Evaku Studio

In my creative works, I have intentionally avoided developing a signature style because I am constantly curious and eager to challenge myself. By avoiding the comfort of a set model or pattern, I am able to remain open to new possibilities and approaches. Instead, I allow my intuition and mood to guide me in exploring the ideas and themes that interest me at any given time. This spontaneity has led me to an infinite array of ways to express myself, allowing me to continually push the boundaries of my creativity and expand my artistic repertoire. By embracing this fluidity, I am able to remain true to my artistic vision while simultaneously growing and evolving as an artist.

在我的創作中,我有意避免形成一個固定的風格, 我不斷保持好奇心,並渴望挑戰自己。通過避免固定的模式, 我能夠持開放的態度去接受新的可能性和方法。相反,我允許直覺和情緒引導我去探索在任何特定時刻我感興趣的想法和主題。 這種自發性引導我找到了無數表達自己的方式, 讓我能夠不斷突破創造力的邊界, 擴展我的藝術修養。通過接受這種流動性, 我能夠保持對我的藝術願景的忠誠,同時作為一個藝術家不斷成長和探索。