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Home Cage

Hong Kong's chief executive John Lee, has put in a lot of effort on improving the living environment of low income people. He has come up with a transitional housing scheme so that low income people can improve their living quality asap before they can move in the long awaited government housing. In his words “These people’s daily hardship, eating right outside the bathroom, having no separate toilet and kitchen, living with woodlices and cockroaches…’ However, he hasn’t mentioned the even worse living environment of cage homes which are 3x6 ft bunk beds with 3 levels fenced up on all 4 sides. Cage homes exist since 1985 when single people are not eligible to apply for public housing. Most of these cage home dwellers are old single man who are unemployed or only have part time/odd jobs or too old to work living on government subsidies. I hope we do not forget about the cage home dwellers whom are most in need of help.

Home Cage                            Acrylic      61cm X 46cm

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